luckyx_charmx (luckyx_charmx) wrote,

Title: In Which Violet Tries Internet Dating.
Author: luckyx_charmx
Rating: PG.
Disclaimer: I wish I owned this.
Pairing/Character: violet/cooper
Summary: Violet tries internet dating, with an unexpected date.

“Why didn’t you come to check on me?”

Her words kept repeating in his head. He knew why he didn’t come and check on her, he was sure that she was just going to be complaining about Allen and how he disappointed her again. Cooper has decided to be detached from the situation. He knew he had to let her make the mistakes, and then she’d maybe realize then that he was the one for her.

Though Cooper always gave in, she was kryptonite to his superman. His one and highly major weakness was her. So when she showed up out side his door, arms hugging her petite stomach, it was futile to refuse to help and comfort her. The way her eyes were bloodshot from crying alone, the way she had just pulled her hair back to make her seem less attached to the situation. It just made him even more attracted to her; this was his favorite version of Violet. Messy, unkempt, a personal wreck, it was great.

Moving aside to let the puffy-eyed traveler in, Cooper shut the door, leaned against it for a moment to assess the situation. He didn’t have much time before Violet cursed herself for forgetting the Ashley Judd movies. Shoving his hands in the pockets of his sweats, Cooper had yet to say a word to her. He didn’t quite trust his voice. Instead he wandered into his room and pulled the aforementioned movies from under his bed. He came back out to the living room to find Violet clicking on his laptop. Dropping the movies on the ground he ran over and slammed the screen down.

“WHAT’RE YOU DOING!?” he yelled slightly not realizing the level of his voice. Violet looked up at him and smiled. “It speaks!”

“Why were you looking at my computer?” he was suddenly defensive. Before Vi had arrived, Coop was just on one of his many internet dating sites scanning the profiles for his next night. It wasn’t that he was afraid of a real commitment… he just didn’t like being alone. It was depressing falling asleep alone every night. Though most times when he did actually fall asleep after an encounter, he usually woke up to something missing. Most recently a watch his grandfather gave to him.

“Well in my personal opinion, booty_call1265 looks to be a real keeper!” Cooper just glared and shook his head. He was not in the mood right now to listen to Violet moan and gripe about Allen and how hurt she is. Leaning against the door way separating the living room from the kitchen, Cooper looked at Violet and shrugged.

“Are you going to start complaining about Allen or not? Cause if you’re not, I should really be getting to bed, busy day tomorrow and all…” There was an amount of distain in his voice that rarely surfaced… at least not around her. Violet obviously could tell by the jaw drop that commenced after the words left his lips. She studied him, which only made him shiver under her gaze. She still looked utterly shocked.

“My Gosh, Coop… what’s wrong with you? I’m the one who got hurt!”

He was bubbling over with emotions. “Come on Vi! You’re not stupid. Don’t you see that you’re not the only one hurting when Allen leaves you for the umpteenth time? Because you come crawling back to me to pick you up and tell you that every thing is going to be alright and that you’re not an idiot. But the truth is…”

Cooper stared at Violet who was now sitting down and just staring at him with that I’m-in-shrink-mode look. Letting out a disgruntled groan, he rolled over the back of the couch onto the pillows beneath. With both hands against his face, he pondered on how to proceed from this point. His hands were cool against his face making the rage inside him subside slightly.

“You’re right…” she muttered. Cooper dropped his hands and looked at her. She was playing with a loose thread of her sweats, her eyes fixed on the floor. “I am an idiot… I keep running back to him, I keep falling for his tricks and… No… I’m done. No more.” He couldn’t help it. He felt his heart jump. “Cooper I need you…” his breath caught in his chest. “to help me make an internet dating profile…”

“Huh?” His shoulders dropped and his heart fell to his feet. Violet wants to do internet dating? The two phases just didn’t make sense in his head. But before he could process any longer Violet had opened his laptop again and was beginning to set up an account on the dating site of her choice.


Cooper had helped her make the perfect internet profile ocean_psych was her name. Her profile had just enough sass and wit to keep them coming back for more, it had just been a little over a week, and she had already had three dates… a fourth was tomorrow. Though she founds herself extremely intrigued by the man, he was extremely mysterious, refusing to release any information that could be considered casual information. He had convinced her to go on a date with him, and that he would make sure she’d have a good time.

Addison and Naomi were thrilled, talking in the lunch room about what she should wear and how she should do her hair. They had collectively decided that a nice sleeveless black dress and heels were a good choice. The boys didn’t seem to have an opinion… at least not one that mattered.


Cooper twisted at his fingers as he stared through the blinds watching as Violet fiddled with her silverware. Checking her teeth in the back of the spoon, and glancing around, she had only ordered a glass of red wine. Cooper stared at his feet, trying to get enough courage to actually walk up to the table.

He imagined her reaction to finding out he was her date in many ways: first and his favorite, the night goes well and ends at his house… or hers. Second, she slaps him and leaves making work incredibly awkward. Third, she makes a public scene and goes crying to Allen. He was hoping for reaction one.

With a deep breath, Cooper stepped out behind the divider that was hiding him and made his way to the table Violet was sitting at. Trying to gulp down the rather large boulder in his throat, he could feel his face get hot. It wasn’t until he was actually standing at the table that Violet looked at him and jumped a little. “Cooper…”

“Violet, hi.” Again his voice wasn’t very trusting.

“Cooper what are you doing here… my date is going to be here any minute.”

“I know. He’s here.”

Violet stood up to try and look past him. “Where? Move or he’ll not know who I am… I didn’t know what he wanted to drink so I just ordered two of mine, do you think he’ll like that?”

“I love red wine.”

“I know you do… but do you think my da-“

She stared at him, her eyes following him as he sat down across from her. Her eyebrow quirked and she shook her head grabbing her bag.

“I can’t believe you’d do this to me Cooper! Are Pete and Sam around the corner so you all can have a good long laugh about this?”

Cooper jumped up to his feet and shook his head vigorously. Placing his hands on her shoulders to stop her Cooper sighed and smiled his sweet childish smile.

“No! No one is here but you and I… just stay. Sit. I wanted to have dinner with you. There are a couple things I need to tell you.”
Violet raised another eyebrow at him but sat down. “You eat dinner with me all the time.”

She placed a napkin in her lap and laced her fingers under her chin. “What’d you need to tell me?”

“How bout we order first…” He picked up the menu and gave his order to the waiter.

About an hour and a couple of wine glasses later, Cooper was feeling happy and free as the feel of Violets arm threaded through his and her head on his shoulder gave the butterflies in his stomach more ammo. A walk through the park was a nice idea, Violet was pleasantly semi-drunk, and Cooper was gaining the courage to tell her everything. Resting on a nearby bench, Violet continued to rest her head on his shoulder. Listening to the sound of the waves breaking on the shore, Cooper smiled, only to be interrupted by the sound of a drunken snort coming from the person attached to him. “Cooper? Why’d you take me to a fancy restaurant? What happened to the good old-fashioned Cooper special of Chinese take-out and crappy movies?”

He laughed and shook his head. “I think you’re the only date I’ve ever been on that actually likes my Cooper Special… then again you are the only one who knows about it.” Looking down at head against his arm, a whiff of her perfume engulfed him. She was amazing, and she looked it too.

She mumbled a response.
“I’m in love with you”
Violet smiled and muttered something before a snore accompanied it.


So the date had ended how he wanted… sort of.

It ended at his house. With her sleeping in his bed, while he slept on the couch. He awoke the next morning to the smell of coffee. Rubbing his eyes, he sat up to see Violet making standing in the refrigerator looking for something to eat. She was wearing one of his shirts.

This picture had always happened in his dreams. He wakes up to find Violet in one of his old shirts and cooking breakfast for him before they head to work. Standing up, Cooper made his way to the kitchen with only one thought on his mind. Coffee.

“I hope you don’t mind I borrowed one of your shirts, I needed to wash my dress.” Cooper just gave a nod and took a sip of the coffee.

“I had the weirdest dream last night that you told me you were in love with me… isn’t that weird? I mean we’re like best friends, friends and love normally don’t mix.”Cooper could feel his heart ache. He had finally got the courage to tell her his true feelings, and she was too drunk to realize it.

He watched as she cut apples on his counter top, just sipping on the coffee he was nursing in his palms. When the warm and distracting liquid was gone from its container, Cooper watched as Violet ate a slice of apple right off the knife. Watching as her tongue darted out of her mouth to capture the piece of fruit; Cooper let out a sigh and set his cup down.

Standing behind Violet, he placed his hands gently on her shoulders. As if by reflex she leaned back into him. He could smell the apple on her breath. His hands slowly slid down her arms, resting gently on top of hers. The knife and apple left on the counter abandoned. She moved their arms to hug her stomach again, Cooper could feel her heartbeat against his chest, removing one hand from her waist, it slid against the soft flesh on her cheek. Her eyes closed against his touch, turning her face toward his Cooper pressed his lips against hers. She let out a soft whimper under his lips. He could feel her body tense slightly, before relaxing into his shoulder. Taking this as a sign to continue, Cooper intensified the kiss, rubbing a thumb over her cheek and moving his other arm to make her face him.

He soon found that he wasn’t the only one doing the kissing. She was actually kissing him back. Her mouth opened slightly and inviting, he took her bottom lip in his mouth and sucked gently before releasing. The hand that was once on her face moved to lace in her hair. Her hands rested on his neck and chest.

Feeling a force against his chest, Violet broke the kiss. She locked eyes with him, staring and licking her lips. Cooper stood there, with his hand still behind her head, and the feel of her lips against his burned into his memory. “Cooper… I… I-can’t.”

Nodding slightly, Cooper took a step back. His hands ran through his hair and he sighed. Looking from her to the floor, he took a step forward again and seized her lips once more. After breaking the kiss, he pressed his forehead to hers and sighed.

“Violet, think about it. It wasn’t a dream… I am in love with you.”

He kissed her forehead and walked out of the room. The ball is now in her court.

Tags: cooper/violet, fic, prvt.pract
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